Friends of the Bridge

The Bridge of Flowers has an annual giving program called Friends of the Bridge. Donations go to the general operating budget for the Bridge of Flowers and keep the Bridge blooming for everyone to enjoy. See Ways To Give for more options. Visit Area Links to see local businesses that support the Bridge of Flowers with a contribution of $250 or more.


New England Aster
(gifts of $500+)

Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association
Greenfield Co-operative Bank
Greenfield Savings Bank
John & Barbara Hurley
Shelburne Falls Area Women's Club
West End Pub

Gardener’s Circle

(gifts of $250-$499)

Carl's Four Season Yardscape, LLC
Clark's Corvair Parts, Inc.
Country Aire Campground
Kate Downes, Esq.
Cheryl Dukes & Valene Brooks
Thomas Dame & Denise Duval, ESQ
Eddie's Wheels, Inc.
Jonathan F. George Sr., CPA, CFP
Judith & Robert Lawler
Peter & Eva Otten
Reall, Lucentini & Lucentini LLP
Stillwater Porcelain
Gordon & Marion Taylor
Cliff & Carol Washer
Brent Young, Mill River Farm

Silver Trowel
(gifts of $100-$249)

Madeline & Howell Adams, Jr.
Shannon Allen & Brian O'Neil
Carol Angus
Lee Armstrong & Mike Lumpkin
Amy & Craig Barry
Bridge of Flowers Business Center
David Close & Gail Chapman Close
Cohn Financial Services
Kate & Tom DaFonte
Ronald & Karen Dobosz
Lois Gifford
Joan Greenfield
Michael C. Herr
J.W. Wagner Trucking
Keystone Market
Kathleen & Kenneth Kippenberger
Tom and Gail Lucia
Mildred March
McCusker's Market and Franklin Community Co-Op
Karen O. Moore
Dick & Dianne Muller
Jessica Murrow
Elaine & Richard Parmett
Patricia R. Pratt
Regina Purinton
Shelburne Falls Booksellers
Randi Stein
Irene Tomasini
Judee & David Wayne
Josh & Johanna Weinstein
Janet & Robert Weissman
Donald & Marcia Wheeler
Karen Winkler
Deborah Woodsome

Green Thumb Club
(gifts of $25-$99)

David Adie & Deb Hoyle
Callie, Don & Liza Ahern
Harriet Barlow
Blackmer Insurance Agency Inc.
Boswell's Books
Buckland Pizza House
Mac McCoy & Polly Byers
Constance Clarke
Nancy Conaway-Raczka
Anush Dawidjan
Karen Fairbrother
Fred & Lois Feldman
Robert & Nancy Fischlein
Flanders Law Office
Dick & Shirley Floyd
Judy Fogg
Franklin Land Trust
Polly French
Michael Garfield-Wright
Gail Gaustad
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Grillone
Judy Ann Harlow
George & Carole Hartling
Nancy Hazen
Phyllis Herrera
Carol Hooker
Jennifer, Brian & Braedon Hydefrost
Sally Judd
Richard & Sharon Khachodoorian
Winston & Marie LaBelle
Brian & Pat Lowell
Peggy March
Nathalie McCormick & Mark Pichette
Memorial Hall Association
Elizabeth D. Merrill
Wanda Mooney
Sarah E. Neelon
David Nims
Jon & Marilyn Osgood
The Perry Family
Deborah Phillips
Malcolm & Catherine Porter
Pothole Pictures
Elisabeth Radysh
Jean and Larry Rankin
Pam Roberts
Mary Robertson & Stefan Kostka
Barbara and Bob Ruchames
Gene & Patricia St. Pierre
Tony & Sarah Schoedel
Ann & Edward Shanahan
Susan Shearer
Marguerite Sheehan & Dorothy Merriam
Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters, LLC
Gwendolyn Sherburne
Steven Shulda
Bill Sweeney
Carolyn Taylor
Ann Wetherbee
Nancy & Joe Woods